Flat or Adjustable Bench: Which is Better - Costs and Advantages - Epic Health Accessories

October 14, 2022 2 min read

When you are planning for a home gym, the first thing that comes to mind is what kind of gym equipment for the home should you buy! And there comes a time when you wish to buy a bench.

After all, no one can bench press without a bench, and if you can not do bench press then what’s the point of having your gym? So, while planning a home gym buy online workout accessoriesat the best price.

Just like most pieces of home gym equipment, the number of alternatives out there for benches can be taught. The best thing to start when finding out what bench you would like to buy is agreeing on if you wish for an adjustable bench or a flat bench.

In this summary, we are going to talk about valid points of a flat bench versus an adjustable bench, and hopefully, in just a small time you’ll understand which is right for your home gym and you. So let's discuss this Fitness and exercise equipment.

First of all cost :

With all items being similar – buying new, same brand name, without crazy sales, etc – a flat bench is always going to be a good little more economical than an inclined bench. Which makes a valid point.

Fewer moving parts with Fewer pieces always cost you less.

Of course, you can be fortunate and find something used on some marketplaces. You can also find something on sale or Buy online exercise equipment to get your cost down, but that’s notapples to apples.

Notice we underscored the word ‘good’. Can you buy a bench that is more economical than the ranges we are giving you? Certainly. But, in our opinion, you’re tossing the coin on whether you’re getting a bench that will end up standing total waste.

At the cost, the flat bench wins the point.

Advantage of Variability

When it comes to variability, it’s a no-brainer that the inclined adjustable bench wins the point.

Not that it gives you alternatives like a 30 and 45-degree adjustable bench, but if it adjusts even up to 90 degrees you can do seated shoulder presses on the same bench as well.

Advantage of Durability

When it comes to durability, a flat bench wins the point again.


The same thing that makes an adjustable bench more versatile and more expensive is also its downfall when it comes to durability.

The more complicated a piece of equipment, the more moving pieces, and more joints – the more chances there are for something to break.

This isn’t to say all inclined benches rearing to break down on you. Can adjustable benches be durable? Absolutely.

Flat Bench vs adjustable Bench – Winner

We are giving two points out of the three categories to the flat bench. Also, I’d lean toward a flat bench if I was choosing between the two.

However, if you love incline benching, then get an incline bench.

There is no wrong or right here, no loser or winner. Ultimately, it’s your workouts and your gym. Which one you choose is totally up to you. Visit epichealthaccessories.com, the Best place to buy gym equipment for home